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Watch The Webinar: Can South African Tourism Be Saved

South Africa's Covid-19 lockdown has hurt the economy, but tourism, travel and hospitality have borne the brunt. How can this vital employer and generator of foreign exchange be brought back to life? Tim Harris, CEO of Wesgro and Danny Bryer, Director at the Protea Hospitality Group, join Ray Hartley of The Brenthurst Foundation and Henning Suhr of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung to seek answers.

18 September 2020


Zambia’s Zimbabwe Redux

Runaway inflation, declining investor confidence, a reduction in export earnings, recession, shortages, social unrest … Zambia's problems are piling up

27 August 2020


Why the ANC should back ‘all-inclusive dialogue’ on Zimbabwe’s future

There may be, at last, the prospect of change in Zimbabwe, at least if the apparent attitude change of South Africa is any gauge.

24 August 2020

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