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The Roots of Ukraine War: Don't Believe Putin's Propagandists

It is no good for us as Africans to complain about crimes against humanity committed on our own continent, if we are going to turn a blind eye to war crimes being committed on a daily basis by Putin’s regime, argues David Coltart.

24 June 2022


By Their Friends Shall ye Know Them — South Africa and Russia

South Africa’s friendship with Russia bodes badly for a future driven by long-term Western-sourced investments, and more towards one defined by a party-state developmental model, favouring party security and privilege over the national interest — or at least as the national interest.

23 June 2022


Why Africa Must Protect Democracy – Starting in Ukraine

Almost half of the 40 countries worldwide that did not vote in favor of the resolution condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine in the United Nations General Assembly were from Africa.

20 June 2022

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