How Populism is Rewiring the World - In the Name of the People Virtual Book Launch

How Populism is Rewiring the World - In the Name of the People Virtual Book Launch

14:00 Johannesburg · 08:00 New York · 09:00 Buenos Aires · 13:00 London · 14:00 Paris · 21:00 Tokyo · 23:00 Sydney

South Africa, Zimbabwe

Recording available below
Watch a recording of Daily Maverick senior journalist Rebecca Davis in discussion with Tendai Biti, Member of Parliament for Harare East Constituency and Ray Hartley, Research Director of the Brenthurst Foundation about The Brenthurst Foundation's new book on Populism, 'In the Name of the People'.

In the Name of the People examines populism from its Latin American roots to liberation movements in Africa and the rise of a new European nationalism. At its most virulent, populism has destroyed democracies from the inside out, causing social instability, economic catastrophe and, in some cases, authoritarian repression. In other cases, such as in South Africa, populism is a rising threat as strong constitutional guarantees of democratic accountability come under fire.

Watch Daily Maverick Senior Journalist Rebecca Davis in conversation with Research Director at The Brenthurst Foundation, Ray Hartley and Member of Parliament in Harare East Constituency, Tendai Biti.

Rebecca and the co-authors (Ray and Tendai) of In the Name of the People will unpack how populism is evolving into a threat to free and open societies, addressing questions such as: Where is populism taking us? Is there hope of a return to rational policy-making? Is the world doomed to descend into ever-greater conflict?

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