MK Hurts ANC’s Chances of National Majority

An “astonishing” performance by former President Jacob Zuma’s MK party means the ruling African National Congress (ANC) might lose its majority in KZN - and fail to reach a national majority. In this interview with BizNews, Ray Hartley of the Brenthurst Foundation says that - with about 13% of votes counted - the ANC is probably going to come in below 50%. “I think the ANC is taking a beating. It's losing hand over fist in KwaZulu-Natal and that's a very populous province. So that's going to play into the national results. It's going to have to improve its position substantially elsewhere to make up for that loss. And I'm not sure that it has the cards to play. I think that it's too much for them to make up given the hammering, the clear hammering they're taking in KZN, to get above 50.” Meanwhile, the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) is “kind of holding better than many expected”.
Published 31 May 2024

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