What if the ANC Does Not Win? South Africa's Most Uncertain Elections Since 1994

What if, this time, the ANC does not win? Since 1994, South Africa has known plenty of ups and downs. But no matter the criticism or defections, the party of Nelson Mandela could always bank, come election time, on a winning machine that has always secured an outright majority. What if it's not the case in Wednesday's vote? And why would that be?
Published 30 May 2024


We ask about a sluggish economy, huge inequality, corruption and whether this time incumbent fatigue will finally catch up with the African National Congress. How will those born after the fall of apartheid vote? How do they see a country long touted as the Rainbow nation?

Would a weakened ANC signal a new narrative for what remains a regional and continental powerhouse? The opposition includes those who tout Black nationalism instead of diversity. In a nation that’s still got a vibrant press and an independent judiciary, will the election outcome strengthen or weaken institutions?


  • Jean-Emile JAMMINE, FRANCE 24 journalist
  • Greg Mills, Director of Brenthurst Foundation
  • Alvin Botes, Member of ANC's National Executive Committee
  • Khanya Burns-Ncamashe, Programs Coordinator at Rivonia Circle

This originally appeared on news24

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