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About the Vote Navigator project

You can access the tool here:

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Why this project? What's the goal?

Elections are the lifeblood of democracy and ensure that voters get a government that delivers on what most people want. This tool seeks to help people make an informed choice that aligns with their view on policy and the potential to deliver on a mandate.

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What will the tool tell me that I didn't already know?

If you are undecided, the tool might help you narrow down the parties from which you should choose.

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How were parties selected to be included in the tool? Why was [party X] excluded?

All parties that have polled higher than 0,2% in The Brenthurst Foundation’s latest election survey were included. The tool allows you to add further parties from the full list of 52 parties on the ballot in the final assessment phase.

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Is this just a tool to promote a particular political party?

The tool allows you to choose your shortlist of parties based on what their manifestos say and then allows you to rate the parties as you wish. No political party is advantaged in the scoring which is equally allocated to all parties based on their manifestos.

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How were the policy questions selected?

An exhaustive study of the party manifestos showed which issues the parties all addressed, and it is these issues which form the basis of the policy questions.

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How does the scoring work? How were the parties scored according to the questions?

Scores were allocated depending on the policy positions adopted by parties in their manifestos and, in some cases, in speeches at manifesto launches where policy was elaborated.

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Why should I trust the results?

They are your results based on your choices. If you doubt this, redo the questions giving different answers and you will see different parties rising to the top.

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