Somaliland: How to Get onto the Right Side of History

The Brenthurst Foundation presents its latest documentary short, Somaliland: How to Get onto the Right Side of History, which details how, against all the odds, Somaliland grew from the ashes of civil war to become one of the continent's secret success stories.
Published 29 June 2022

How does a small state that, according to the UN, doesn't officially exist, with a nonconvertible currency, no officially recognised borders or passports, and is found in one of the most volatile regions of Africa, become a peaceful, free, democratic society, without the help of foreign intervention or aid?

The Brenthurst Foundation presents a short documentary on how, in spite of a lack of international recognition, Somaliland has become one of Africa's secret success stories, and why it should become a model for many others across the continent.

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