Reflections on Asian Governance Model in Dealing with COVID-19 at its Onset and Relevance to Africa

This Discussion Paper seeks to add to broader literature and previous works leveraging Asian experiences as potential references for Africa’s economic development. It focuses on a particular chapter (albeit punctuated) of Africa’s development during the first year of the pandemic (March 2020- March 2021), to draw comparisons for Africa on how best practices in East and Southeast Asia in confronting COVID-19 as a major health “disaster” and economic disruption.
Published 4 December 2023

Citizens of almost all countries today have already adapted to the new normal of mask-wearing and frequent lockdowns, owing to their recognition of the potentially debilitating impacts of a pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic created huge challenges for countries and communities around the world. Apart from being a global health crisis, the virus had severely impacted the economies of countries and constrained supply chains. Since its outbreak in December 2019, the world we live in has undergone unprecedented changes. While vaccination programmes have rolled out, it will still be some time before the world returns to pre-COVID conditions.

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