Constraints and Interventions - An Overview of The Literature On Zimbabwe's Economy 2009-2012

Published 10 September 2012

Four years on from a review of Zimbabwe’s economy by the advisory firm Genesis Analytics for the Brenthurst Foundation, completed at a time when the country was in the grip of hyper-inflation and deep recession, this Discussion Paper takes a comprehensive look at the literature on Zimbabwe’s recovery and the economic challenges which persist. The Paper summarises the findings from thirteen publications, and highlights the common constraints and recommended interventions proposed for Zimbabwe.

Notably, the literature outlines the risks of political uncertainty with the unity government, agriculture sector challenges and infrastructure constraints, high unemployment, and the dangers of fiscal and financial sector mismanagement as potential breaks on growth in Zimbabwe. There are key interventions that could mitigate these risks, however.

The reports studied by the authors suggest that a concerted effort towards ensuring clarity in government policies, improving fiscal transparency and modifying the current banking model, along with increased investments in agriculture, infrastructure and human capital, could stimulate and sustain growth in Zimbabwe.


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