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Thomas Nziratimana

Thomas Nziratimana

Co-founder and General Manager, TransAfrika Resources, DR Congo

Associate of The Brenthurst Foundation

Congo, Democratic Republic of theCongo, Democratic Republic of the

Thomas Nziratimana is co-founder of TransAfrika Resources. He also co-founded Green Flash Africa, an African business and market intelligence consulting firm. He was involved in socio-economic development related research at the University of Burundi in 1990, after graduating from Lubumbashi University. In 1997 he joined the DRC government and served as the adviser to the Secretary General of the Alliance for Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo (AFDL). He was subsequently appointed first secretary of the DRC's embassy in Zimbabwe. In 1999 he served as chief representative of the Congolese Rally for Democracy (RCD) in South Africa, where he was involved in the Congolese peace process. In 2004 he was appointed vice-governor of DRC's South Kivu Province, in charge of economy, finance and development. Thomas is also a member of the African Leadership Network (ALN).

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