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Lawrence Swantner

Lawrence Swantner

Aviation Expert, US

Associate of The Brenthurst Foundation

United States of AmericaUnited States of America

Lawrence Swantner has over forty years of experience in aviation. He represents the Flight Safety Foundation; promoting programmes and procedures to enhance flight safety in areas previously without sustained safety oversight. He coordinates with Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), International Air Transport Association (IATA), airplane and component manufacturers, The UN World Food Programme (WFP), air charter operators and others to establish independent safety oversight systems.

Previously, he was diplomatically accredited to several countries in Southern Africa; and he has travelled extensively throughout the region evaluating political developments and military capabilities. While serving at the Pentagon, he worked to define US interests and develop policy in the Middle East and Africa in coordination with inter-agency working groups from the State Department, the White House, and Capitol Hill.

He is a graduate of the US State Department Foreign Service Institute; Naval Post Graduate School, MA International Affairs: US Air Force Air War College; International Aviation Academy.

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