Tribute to Malcolm Ferguson

Malcolm Ferguson, 1952-2023

16 March 2023 ·   1 min read

Tribute to Malcolm Ferguson

Malcolm was one of the first DFA officials I met on returning to South Africa in 1990, and we remained firm friends since, a man of studiously wise counsel. He enjoyed a distinguished diplomatic career as Ambassador to Israel and Mexico, as well as Chief Director for the Middle East and Latin America. We shared many adventures including in Venezuela, Nigeria, El Salvador, Colombia, Mexico and all over agricultural spots in South Africa. Together we wrote, attended conferences, conducted fieldwork and laughed a great deal, often at our own expense. Malcolm was, always someone whose insights I sought out, his depth and breadth of knowledge as impressive as his honesty searing and invaluable in the world of politics. He volunteered to conduct an early review in 2010 on the Foundation's activities, which helped steer us on our current course, and most recently was instrumental in the Foundation conducting its South African scenarios in conjunction with Roelf Meyer. He had a lovely expression: 'Your eyes never lie' in keeping them open and taking in the environment in which you were operating to watch, listen and learn. It was apparently something his father had taught him, and something that my father had taught me in similar words. We came from the same planet, so to speak, and had the same destination in mind, especially for our beloved South Africa. We will miss him a great deal.

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