Vital Signs - Health security in South Africa

Vital Signs - Health security in South Africa Authors: Wilmot James Publisher: The Brenthurst Foundation
Published 31 January 2020

Vital Signs: Health Security in South Africa comes on the heels of the October 2019 release of the Global Health Security Index, the report of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board in September 2019 and the June 2018 World Health Organization’s voluntary assessment undertaken by the Joint External Evaluation (JEE) that measures South Africa’s capacity to prevent, detect and respond to public health threats. Each chapter describes the context, strengths, weaknesses and developments in the following risk domains: nuclear, environmental, chemical, infectious disease, biological, and climate-related hazards and threats. The chapters ultimately make recommendations for improving the threat environment surrounding each risk domain.

The publication has been edited by Wilmot James and has contributions from; Hannah Bender, Brett Cohen, Jonatan Davén, Jaco-Louis du Plessis, Gregory Hooks, Michael Kahn, Megan McLaren, Terence McNamee, Greg Mills, Maria Papathanasopoulos, Robbie Parks, Janusz Paweska, Ulrike Rivett, Lizeka Tandwa, Madeleine Thomson and Martin Veller.

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