Better Choices: Ensuring South Africa's Future

Better Choices: Ensuring South Africa's Future Authors: Greg Mills, Mcebisi Jonas, Haroon Bhorat and Ray Hartley Publisher: Picador Africa Amazon: All the numbers on South Africa's crisis dashboard are blinking red. The economy is failing to grow and more and more young people find themselves on the outside looking in as education falters and jobs disappear. Energy and transport are in crisis. Governance is floundering as debt mounts and government runs out of money.
Published 1 September 2022

Better Choices is a collection by South Africa's top thinkers on the political economy, providing an unflinching account of the myriad challenges the country faces. The picture that emerges is of a nation on the brink of a catastrophic slide into failure unless better, if tough, policy choices are made.

As stark as these problems are, their solutions are tantalisingly close at hand. The chapters in this book outline exactly the solutions — those 'better choices'— that need to be made by leadership to alter the country's bleak trajectory. South Africa cannot talk its way out of trouble. Key to success is removing the sources of friction — the red tape, over-regulation and rents — that slow down investment. This is only possible if a more effective, focused government acts decisively.

Compiled by The Brenthurst Foundation, Africa's leading think tank on economic development, Better Choices is for those who want to build a positive, inclusive future for South Africa.

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