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The Lesotho Elections - A Preliminary Statement

Nchimunya Hamukoma

Researcher, The Brenthurst Foundation

Saul Musker

Machel-Mandela Fellow, The Brenthurst Foundation

Terence McNamee

Former Deputy Director, The Brenthurst Foundation

Book / Publication · Published 5 July 2017



As part of our research on and commitment to democratisation and elections in Africa, the Foundation established an observation mission for the Lesotho General Election on 3 June. This is our Preliminary Statement.

On the whole, the election of 3 June 2017 was universal, equal, fair, secret, free, transparent and accountable, and met the standards of both the AU Declaration on the Principles Governing Democratic Elections in Africa and the SADC Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections. In the view of the Brenthurst EOM, its outcome is credible.



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Elections in Africa: Preparing a democratic playbook

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