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How South Africa Works - And Must Do Better

Greg Mills

Director, The Brenthurst Foundation

Jeffrey Herbst

Former President and CEO of the NEWSEUM, USA

Book / Publication · Published 8 March 2015


'How South Africa Works - And Must Do Better', authored by Greg Mills and Jeffrey Herbst hit South African bookshelves in 2015.

The book was launched across South Africa during July 2015. This video, shot and produced by Thomas Sandell, covers the first episode of launches.

Published by Panmacmillan, the book argues that South Africa has gone from a society divided by race and apartheid to, now, access to jobs. If the unemployment challenge, which falls mainly on African youths, is not addressed, it will be impossible to sustainably lift many millions of people out of poverty.

Based on several hundred interviews with politicians, business- and opinion-leaders, and analystsin South Africa, 'How South Africa Works' digs into the challenges and opportunities across key productive sectors - including agriculture, manufacturing, services and mining. It scrutinises the social grant and education systems to understand if SA has established mechanisms where people can not only escape destitution but be ready to be employed. Despite the challenges of current day South Africa, Herbst and Mills find that some entrepreneurs have nonetheless be able to build world-class companies.

Recognising the essential challenge to cultivate more employers to employ people and the deep talent that resides in the private sector, 'How South Africa Works' offers and agenda and actions for greater competitiveness for each of government, business and labour.

'How South Africa Works - And Must Do Better', authored by Brenthurst's director Dr Greg Mills and advisory board member Dr Jeffrey Herbst, published by Panmacmillanand launched in July 2015, is accompanied by this ballad and video:

'This is how it works' is written by Robin Auld and Mills. Mixed at Murray Anderson's Cape Town Milestone studio, it is performed by a band brought together for the occasion, the Philippi All-Stars, additionally comprising pianist Hilton Schilder, Barry van Zyl on the drums, Peter Ndlala (Bass) and backing singers Fancy Galada, Zami Mdingi and Poseletso Sejeosingo. The video was shot and produced on location in the Western Cape by Shaun Cameron.


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