Zanzibar: Stepping-Stone to East Africa, Stepping-Stone to the World

Following a recent month-long mission in Zanzibar, researching economic development possibilities, at the invitation of the president, The Brenthurst Foundation presents 'Stepping-Stone Zanzibar', a roadmap to boost the archipelago's competitiveness, paving the way to new markets and a new world.
Published 2 August 2021

Zanzibar is blessed with a young workforce, extraordinary natural beauty and a unique cultural heritage. Yet its economy struggles to sustain its people.

In order to address its high rate of youth unemployment and low per capita income, it needs to leverage its location, draw in capital, focus on software, plan for growth, build strong institutions and set out a convincing narrative.

Policy choices and people are critical to the archipelago's growth and development.

Zanzibar's competitiveness depends on skills, infrastructure, innovation and institutions; the stepping-stones to new markets and a new world.

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