Pure Life as a Means to Development - Costa Rican Style

Published 6 December 2018

Costa Rica is a top performer in Latin America with an economy that is over five times its size in the mid-1980s. Best known for its rich biodiversity, ecotourism and commitment to sustainable development, Costa Rica is also ranked as one of the world’s happiest countries. It has emerged as an investment destination of choice for services and sophisticated technologies. Costa Rica’s growth is dependent on increasing openness and connectedness with surrounding economies and the world at large, and is often referred to as the most traded nation in the world.

Much of its economic success and firm-level competitiveness has been attributed to the development of human capital and Brand Costa Rica, promoting an open and accessible country with the right skills.

The balance of social progress and environmental impact off a base of peace and stability is a useful model for African countries grappling with the challenges of sustainable development, however, it has been the strength of professional institutions blended with the right policies, especially in the areas of trade and investment, that have delivered the most impressive results. Building off the progress it has made, Costa Rica has established a culture of shared value and collective impact, deeply integrated with the environment and invested in future generations.

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