Thought leadership: 2009

Africa and the Global Credit Crisis

Since 2008 the global economy has been mired in a serious crisis, perhaps its most important slowdown since the 1930s, which affects all economic activities and all places. African governments were not responsible for the outbreak of the crisis, but it is nonetheless beginning to affect their economies in numerous ways. Critically, the priorities of African leaders should not change, despite the current turbulence. On the contrary, efforts to achieve goals associated with macroeconomic stability and the promotion of competitiveness should be accelerated.

Maritime Strategies for Africa

In 2009, working in conjunction with the Commission of the African Union and a range of partners, including the African Center for Strategic Studies in Washington, the Foundation undertook a major project to examine maritime security and trade in Africa. The project was influenced by the spike in piracy in West and eastern Africa, although it was mainly concerned with filling the policy void in this field. In 2009 four specialists’ workshops were convened in Johannesburg, Dakar, Mombasa and Addis Ababa. Coupled with research by numerous international maritime experts, the project produced a Discussion Paper that called for Africa to develop its own maritime strategy – rather than ‘outsource’ most elements of its maritime security to international or external organisations – in order to promote continental security and enhance Africa’s economic development.

The full report can be downloaded here.

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