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The Brenthurst Foundation is on the frontier of new ideas and innovative actions for strengthening Africa's economic performance. Our activities are focused in three areas: encouraging key decision-makers and experts to share experiences and insights at private meetings and seminars; delivering relevant, practical policy advice to governments; and generating new thinking and thought-leadership to address Africa's development challenges.

At the invitation of African governments, we work in the full spectrum of countries: from those emerging from conflict to those diversifying their economic activities. The Foundation was established with the specific aim to tackle not only the key 'what to do' questions but, in particular, the more difficult challenge of 'how to do it'. Often in collaboration with both African and non-African organisations, the Foundation identifies and shares international best policy practice - then seeks to turn good advice into effective, implementable policy.

One of the main principles which underpins the Foundation's work is that economic growth is the best means to achieve prosperity and political stability. We are ever-mindful that higher growth rates are not, however, the only indicator of success. Another key principle which guides our work is that companies, in the words of Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, should have 'a broad and deep involvement with the societies in which they do business.'

The Foundation has developed a global network of analysts drawn from Central and South America, Central Asia, the US, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, and Europe. Our team is constantly engaged with a diverse range of experts, policy specialists and senior government officials.

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